Special Programs

ANCHOR Program

Through a partnership with the Arkansas State Department of Community Corrections, Shorter College has been able to recruit individuals currently participating in parole or probation programs. Parole and Probation Officers actively recruit participants for the program which offers participants an opportunity to gain additional support. Together, ACC and SC (parties) will promote higher education as a way of impacting recidivism and instilling a vision for a better way of life.

“Early Start” Dual-Enrollment Program

Through a new partnership with the North Little Rock School District, beginning Fall 2015, high school students enrolled at North Little Rock High School will have the opportunity to enroll in classes at Shorter College. This program would enable students to complete college-credited course work while still seeking their high-school diploma. These college credit hours will then be counted toward completion of an undergraduate program upon graduation from high school.

“Right Start” Program

A partnership developed betweed Shorter College and the Arkansas Department of Youth Services now allows youth under the care of the state juvenile justice system to enroll in classes through Shorter College. The first class of nine (9) students began instruction in the summer of 2015 and the number of enrollees for the approaching academic year continues to increase. This collaboration is believed to be the first of its kind; bridging the gap between youth who have been committed to the care of the state juvenile detention system and opportunities to pursue an academic degree at an institution of higher education.