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Associate of Arts in Childhood Development

The courses in this program typically examine the physical, emotional, language and behavioral development of infants, toddlers and school-aged children.
An Associate of Arts in Childhood Development includes general education requirements and recommended curriculum courses. The program is recommended for students planning studies or careers in teaching or managing in an early childhood care setting.
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Associate of Arts in Church Leadership and Ministry

The courses in this program are designed to prepare students to integrate their faith and biblical principles with important business skills that can be applied in a variety of settings.
An Associate of Arts in Church Leadership and Ministry is designed to prepare students for careers and service in the various church ministries and leadership positions in their local churches. After successful completion, students will be able to demonstrate proficiency in the general area of leadership ministry, practice relationship-building skills, refine personal, professional, and spiritual priorities, communicate effectively the word of God, to be able to systematically state the great doctrines of the Bible, appreciate the message of the Bible in its historic context, apply Biblical principles in the practice of church-related ministry, provide competent Christian leadership in their chosen field of work, and have the skills necessary to properly interpret the Bible.
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Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice

The courses in this program provide foundational knowledge of the criminal justice system, preparing students for entry-level roles like police officer and emergency management specialist.
The Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice provides general academic courses and electives which enable students to transfer who intend to major in Criminal Justice through these credits to a college or university which offers baccalaureate degrees in Criminal Justice.
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Associate of Arts in General Studies

The courses in this program provide students looking to enter the workforce directly after graduation, and wanting a robust set of skills relevant to a wide variety of career fields.
An Associate of Arts in General Studies with an emphasis in Basic Studies is the most flexible of degrees. With this degree you learn the basics of Mathematics, English, Science, History and a wide variety of other subjects, allowing you to explore many different disciplines.
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Associate of Arts Degree in Entrepreneurial Studies

The courses in this program teach students how to build, promote, and manage their own businesses, along with applying their creativity and energy to assist existing businesses.
Associate of Science (AS) in Entrepreneurship and Business Analytics provides general academic courses and electives which prepare graduates with skills, knowledge, and ability needed for self-employment, to start a business, and manage the functional areas of the business to become a successful entrepreneur. It is also for students who intend to transfer these credits to a college or university which offers required baccalaureate degrees in Business and Entrepreneurship. The program includes five specific courses but students may add an additional 3 to 6 credit hours of coursework from the “recommended electives, which may be transferred by agreement to a college or university which may be required by the receiving college/university”.
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Associates of Arts in Computer Programming

The courses in this program focus on humanities and computer science training. Students in this study may pursue concentrations in areas like computer information systems.
Associate of Science (AS) in Computer Science is designed for individuals interested in developing and applying programming skills for use in software and website development, coding, and database management. The primary goal of this degree is to create the skills and knowledge required to understand theory, design, develop, test, and produce computer subsystems. Student will be able to transfer credit to a four-year college or university in the field of computer science or information science. Career opportunities include Computer Programmer, Software Engineer, Software Developer, and Web Developer.
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Supporting your Path to Possible

Second Chance Pell Program
Since 2016, we have offered men and women in Arkansas’s correctional system the opportunity to earn their associate degree. More than 30 men and women have reentered society with an associate degree in entrepreneurial studies, and the knowledge they need to successfully be their own boss. Learn more about the life-changing opportunities available under the Second Chance Pell Program.
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Success Coaches
Get the support you need to stay on the right path. Our Success Coaches are here to be your advocate and to help you manage your college experience. From academics to your job search, we understand the needs of adult learners who need support in their college journey.
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Literacy Programs
Strong literacy skills are needed to have a successful college experience. We offer the support our learners need in making strides in the areas of reading and reading comprehension.
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Distance Education Manual & Student Grievance Policy And Procedures
Please use the link below to access and download a PDF copy of the Distance Education Manual & Student Policy And Procedures for Shorter College.
Distance Education Manual – The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to the faculty related to the expected levels of competence, necessary to plan and deliver a rigorous distance learning instructional program. None of Shorter College's programs lead to professional licensure.
Student Grievance Policy And Procedures – Any student who has a complaint shall make a reasonable effort to resolve the matter on an informal basis before initiating a grievance. A student may request a grievance hearing. A grievance hearing committee will be organized and a committee decision will be presented to the Dean of Student Affairs, Dean of Academic Affairs, and President.

"I think, therefore I am"

Shorter College is a private, faith-based, two-year liberal arts college located in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Founded in 1886 by the African Methodist Episcopal Church, Shorter College is one of the nation’s 110 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) and the only private, two-year HBCU in the nation. For more than a decade, the offerings and innovations from our institution have led Shorter College to a continuing ranking as the fastest-growing college campus in Central Arkansas.
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