Office of Academic Affairs
Sherman-Tyree Bldg (Suite 104)
604 Locust Street
North Little Rock, AR 72114
P (501) 374-6305


The Office of Academic Affairs is dedicated to carrying out the academic mission of Shorter College. Our deep history, which is rooted and grounded in the African American Episcopal Church, allows us to help each student individually, as well as collectively, to reach their “path to possible.” 

We are a team; and most of all, we are proud of the team that we lead. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to Shorter College’s future. Whether in the classroom or in the community, we strive to provide innovative real-world instruction to our students. The goals of faculty, staff and administrators are the same: student success. When our students succeed; we succeed. We are here to help you achieve professional and personal success.

 The academic leadership team works collaboratively in promoting the success of all students by advocating and sustaining a college culture and instructional programs conducive to student learning and staff professional growth.  Our faculty and staff are committed to service and leadership that assist students in understanding that our college community will work with them to become effective in societal roles.

The Academic Affairs team will continue to maintain standards that will increase performances grounded upon the ideas of access, opportunity, and empowerment for all members of the college community. At Shorter College, “you fit here.”


Dr. Demetrius Gilbert                                                           

Associate Dean, Academic Affairs

 Dr. M. Yvette Wimberly

Associate Dean, Academic Affairs and Assessment