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Shorter College cares about you! We are committed to providing individuals from every walk of life an opportunity to receive an affordable, high quality education. With rich heritage as one of the nation’s 110 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) and strong tradition in its affiliation with the African Methodist Episcopal Church, Shorter College has been a training ground for individuals in need of a jumpstart, and often, a second chance.

Human Resources & Opportunities

Performance Evaluations

Purpose of Evaluations

Shorter College is committed to the effective and efficient pursuit of quality service through staff and faculty development and evaluation. The College needs employees who will aim to provide high-quality teaching, provide high-quality education through programs and support services and provide exemplary service to students and the community.  Thus, the College has established a formal evaluation system in determining the quantity, quality, and manner of performance.

The purpose of the formal performance evaluation is to:

  1. Ensure communication between the supervisor and employee. The formal process forces contact between the supervisor and the employee and allows each to report his or her impressions and observations.
  2. Review and determine how well an employee is performing in terms of the assigned tasks. Every job should be analyzed and assessed based on the job criteria.

Process for Conducting Performance Review

  1. All evaluation forms will be provided to Human Resources from the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment.
  2. All evaluation forms should be provided to the manager/supervisor 30-60 days prior to the completion of all performance evaluations (June 1st) from Human Resources.
  3. These evaluations are to be shared with all employees prior to conducting the performance evaluation.
  4. All evaluations should be evaluated against the job description.  (Please see the Faculty and Staff Handbook).
  5. Upon completion of the performance evaluation, all evaluators must return completed evaluations to the Human Resources/Personnel Office and provide a copy of the completed evaluation to the employee evaluated.

Performance Evaluation Forms

Personnel Resources

2019-2020 Faculty & Staff Handbook
Human Resource Manual
ADP link:

Personnel Directory

For all HR related questions please send inquires to


Marketing Communication Requests

All request for generic marketing materials (i.e. flyers, brochures) and/or campus signage, should be submitted to​

Media Guide

The purpose of a media guide is to establish consistency in the institutional branding and marketing of Shorter College.  The following images, colors, and messaging has been established as brand elements and may be used only with the expressed consent of the institution.  To view the media guide, click here.

Posting Of Flyers

All flyers and posting of flyers must be approved by the Office of Marketing and Advertising.  You may submit your flyer for review and approval to

Business Cards

Business cards orders are placed once a month (at the end of the month).  If you are in need of any business cards, I ask that you please submit you order, by clicking on the link below.

Info Technology

Information Technology Help & Support

  1. Onsite IT: Visit the IT office from 8:30-4:30 Monday thru Friday in the Sherman-Tyree Hall (Administrative Building) for questions, help, password issues, printing issues, etc.
  2. Phone Support: Call 501-758-0676 from 8-5 Monday thru Friday to reach IT office by telephone.
  3. Email Support: Send an email with ‘Shorter College’ in the Subject Line to Give a detailed description of your technical issue and contact information, and a technician will make contact to help resolve the issue.

Faculty Cams & Email Access

For all other IT policies, procedures including equipment reservation, printing, etc. please click here for the Faculty/Staff Technology Guide

CAMS Faculty Portal
CAMS Faculty Portal Training

CAMS Enterprise
CAMS Enterprise Training (available upon request)

To access email, click here.

All faculty and staff receive an official Shorter College e-mail address. Students are required to use their e-mail address for all communications with the college and their instructors.

​Student Cams & Email Access


For all other IT policies, procedures including equipment reservation, printing, etc. please click here for the Student Technology Guide


CAMS Student Portal
CAMS Student Portal Training (COMING SOON!)


To access email, click here

All students receive an official Shorter College e-mail address. Students are required to use their e-mail address for all communications with the college and their instructors.


Shorter College uses the RAVE Emergency Alert System to broadcast alerts to faculty, staff, and students regarding emergencies, outages, and school closings due to inclement weather.

If you have not signed up for RAVE Alerts, please follow the instructions below to register:

  1. Click on this link and then click “Register.
  2. Create an account using your Shorter College email address. 
  3. Once your initial account is created, you will receive an email confirming your identity. Please review the email and follow its instructions. A passcode will be sent to you via text to complete the verification process.
  4. Once completed, you can log in to your account, modify account settings, and add additional mobile numbers and email addresses. 
  5. Remember, your username will be your complete email address, including the domain name, either or

Wireless Internet Information

Faculty, Staff, Students and Guest: When connecting to Wi-Fi on campus, connect to Shorter College.

Research & Planning

The Division of Institutional Effectiveness, Assessment, Research and Planning is responsible for gathering, maintaining, assessing and analyzing the institution’s data for internal decision-making purposes and external reporting requirements. The division plays a vital leadership role in developing the institution’s long-range goals, to ensure they are mission-driven, based on reliable data and consistent with accreditation criteria. The division also provides oversight for accreditation review processes. The division is the College’s internal clearinghouse whose primary responsibility is to collect, store, and disseminate institutional data. The division exists to enhance the student, faculty, and staff experience by championing data and mission-driven decision-making, to continually improve the quality of its programs and services.

Institutional Core Publications

Assessments & Reporting Templates

Institutional Research Board Process & Procedures

The primary purpose of the IRB is to protect the rights and welfare of human subjects involved in research activities being conducted under its authority. In so doing, the IRB shall ensure adherence to the criteria for IRB approval as listed in 45 CFR 46.111 and 21 CFR 56.111 i.e., that:

  • The risks to human research subjects are minimized by using procedures that are consistent with sound research design and that do not unnecessarily expose the research participants to risk, and whenever appropriate, by using procedures already being performed on subjects for diagnosis or treatment purposes.
  • The risks to human research subjects are reasonable in relation to the anticipated benefits (if any) to the individual, and the importance of the knowledge that may be expected to result.
    • For the purpose of IRB consideration, “benefit” is defined as a valued or desired outcome; an advantage.
    • For the purpose of IRB consideration, “risk” is defined as the probability of harm or injury (physical, psychological, social, or economic) occurring as a result of participation in a research study.
    • In evaluating risk, the IRB is to consider the conditions that make the situation dangerous, per se (i.e., as opposed to those chances that specific individuals are willing to undertake for some desired goals). In evaluating risks and benefits, the IRB considers only those risks and benefits that may result from the research (i.e., as distinguished from risks and benefits of treatments or procedures that the patient would undergo if not participating in the research).
    • In evaluating risks and benefits, the IRB does not consider possible long-range effects of applying knowledge gained in the research (e.g., the possible effects of research on public policy).
  • The selection of human subjects for research participation is equitable.
  • Human research subjects are adequately informed of the risks and benefits of research participation and the procedures that will be involved in the research; and that informed consent is obtained from each prospective human research subject, or his/her legally authorized representative, in accordance with, and to the extent required by federal regulations and IRB policies.
  • Informed consent of human research subjects is obtained in advance of research participation and appropriately documented in accordance with, and to the extent required by federal regulations and IRB policies.
  • The research plan, when appropriate, makes adequate provisions for monitoring the data collected to ensure the safety of human research subjects.
  • There are adequate provisions to protect the privacy of human research subjects and to maintain the confidentiality of research data.
  • Appropriate additional safeguards have been included in the study to protect the rights and welfare of human research subjects who are likely to be vulnerable to coercion or undue influence (e.g., children, prisoners, pregnant women, decisionally impaired persons, or economically or educationally disadvantaged persons).

As a secondary purpose, the IRB must seek to ensure that the College, affiliate institutions, and the investigators that it serves are compliant with the ethical standards and regulations governing human subject research. The IRB and IRB Committee also serve to assist investigators in the design of ethical and regulatory compliant human subject research studies.

Click here for the IRB Form. Please submit all forms to the

Maintenance & Security


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