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Office of Educational Access

Office of Educational Access Calendar 

**If possible, I’d like an interactive calendar, where students can click on a date and see event details*


***I’m going to work on this and send you dates as soon as I solidify my year calendar***


Schedule an Appointment

Students & Faculty can schedule different appointment types with the Office of Educational Access, please find the appointment type that fits best with your request

Initial Access Assessment

Description: New and current students that do not currently have a Letter of Accommodation should use the Initial Access Assessment appointment to schedule a 1-hour long meeting with the Office of Educational Access. You will answer questions about your access barrier and how it affects your college education.

Access 1:1 Meeting

Description: Students that have a current Letter of Accommodation should use the Access 1:1 Meeting appointment type. You will get a 1-hour session with the Office of Educational Access staff to ensure course progression, resource allocation and more.

To book these appointments, please send an email to kwilliams@shortercollege.edu and put the appointment type in the subject line. Please include your schedule availability for an appointment.