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Student Services

The college views the activities, programs, and services that it offers or sanctions as integral parts of the college experience. The integration of academic and non-academic experiences can enhance a student’s appreciation of moral, social, spiritual, and aesthetic values and contribute to his or her intellectual development. Therefore, the college encourages every student to participate in co-curricular activities and programs and to utilize services that are applicable to his or her needs.

Chapel, Spiritual Growth & Development

We are devoted to the spiritual needs of students, faculty, staff and alumni through our chapel services and college Chaplin. Our chapels services are developed on the 4 Cs of the institution. Students are required to attend chapel assembly each Wednesday from 11am-12pm. Attendance will be recorded.

With regards to student attendance, any student who is unable to attend a Chapel Assembly will be required to view a recording of the Chapel Assembly in CAMS. The student will then be required to respond to questions regarding that Chapel Assembly. Responses to the questions must be must be submitted through CAMS in order to be considered. The recording of the assembly will remain in CAMS for six (6) days. If responses are not recorded in CAMS by the stated due date, the student will be considered absent.

Chapel Assembly is a Pass/Fail course, and a “Pass” in Chapel Assembly for four (4) semesters is required for graduation. Student must attend at least 70% of all chapel sessions. Attendance from any other events will not be accepted in lieu of viewing Shorter College Chapel Assembly.

Student Handbook

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Student Handbook

Student Orientation

Every student who enrolls at the beginning of a semester is introduced to the college and the various functions of its offices, departments, programs, and activities through organized orientation sessions. Provisions are made for night and weekend students to participate.


Tutoring service is available to students who have demonstrated the need for private instruction or academic assistance that the regular instructors cannot provide. Students in need of tutoring are advised to contact Student Affairs and complete a request form. If a student’s placement tests scores or grades indicate that the student may not perform successfully in regular courses, the college requires that he or she take the developmental courses in basic skills. All freshmen students must take a battery of tests in English, reading, and mathematics.

Computer Labs

There are two computer labs available for student use on the campus of Shorter College. The Main Computer Lab, located on the first floor of the Sherman-Tyree Administration Building features 20 thin client workstations and one desktop designated for instructors. A second computer lab is also available for student use in the AW Young Library. See hours posted outside the computer lab.

Disability Services

Shorter College adheres to the provision of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Section 504) and the American with Disabilities Act of 1990 state that qualified students with disabilities who meet the essential functions and academic requirements are entitled to reasonable accommodations. It is the student’s responsibility to provide appropriate disability documentation to the College. The College has a policy to accommodate people with disabilities, pursuant to federal and state law, and to provide equal opportunities. (College Policy).

The purpose of providing accommodations is to ensure that students with disabilities are granted the opportunity to access programs and services offered by the college. Requested accommodations are considered on a case by case basis by the Coordinator of Disability Services, who works with faculty to ensure both access and academic standards are maintained. Students requesting services must meet with the Disability Services Coordinator and provide sufficient documentation of the disability prior to receiving accommodations. Accommodations are not retroactive and do not result in modification of the essential academic elements of the course. If you are an ADA student, it the obligation of the student to present your Accommodations paperwork to your instructor (for each class you are enrolled in). Ideally, this paperwork should be submitted at the beginning of the semester to enable best course support for you. Please contact the Office of Student Affairs via phone at 374-6305 with any questions.

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