Financial Aid

This series of videos explains how the financial aid process works and who is eligible to receive financial aid. Included is an overview of the financial aid process, step by step instructions on filling out the FAFSA, common myths about financial aid, as well as what one can expect after submitting the FAFSA.

1. Admission Status

All students must apply for Admission to Southern University and A & M College. Students Must be fully admitted into the university as a degree-seeking student to be eligible for Federal Financial Aid. All high school and any dual enrollment final official transcripts, as well as all test scores and immunization records must be submitted to the Admissions Office for review. New incoming First Time Freshmen students who are degree seeking and provisionally admitted can receive a financial aid award their first term. Transfer or Re-Admitted students must submit official transcripts from all colleges or universities previously attended. You can contact the Office of Admissions and Recruitment at 225-771-7827 or for your admission status.

2. Complete/Renew the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

If you do not already have an FSA ID, create a new FSA ID.

The FSA ID allows you to “sign” your FAFSA electronically which creates a totally paperless application process. Safeguard your FSA ID just like your Social Security Number! Keep your FSA ID with all of your other important documents. You will use your FSA ID again.

Do not give your FSA ID to anyone!

If you are providing parental information on the FAFSA, one of your parents will also need to apply for a FSA ID at:

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) allows the student to be automatically considered for federal and state financial aid based on the Expected Family Contribution (EFC). You can apply online at: The application process can take at least 4-6 weeks.

  • Include SUBR’s school code:002025 on your application
  • Aim to complete your FAFSA on October 1st each year
  • SUBR’s Priority Deadline is March 31st each year

Important Reminder when completing the FAFSA
Link student and parent’s tax information to the FAFSA by using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool under the Income section. If you do not link your taxes, you and your parents will have to submit an IRS Tax Return Transcript to the Financial Aid Office for verification of income. A tax return transcript can be obtained online at or by calling 1-800-908-9946. If you are chosen for Verification, you will need to complete all requirements Before any federal financial aid awards can be processed.

There is no charge for submitting or receiving help with your FAFSA. It is FREE!

3. Review your SAR

Your SAR is the summary of your FAFSA.

Your complete, correct SAR will contain your Expected Family Contribution (EFC), the number used to determine your federal student aid eligibility. To check the status of your SAR visit: SAR status

It is your responsibility to ensure that we receive your FAFSA.

4. Banner Self-Service

Banner is your personal SUBR guide to…

  • Check your financial aid status
  • View any Unsatisfied Requirements
  • Register for classes
  • Check your Account Summary
  • View and Accept your Award Offer
  • View Academic Progress

5. Student Loans

All students taking out student loans will be required to complete an Entrance Counseling Interview and a Master Promissory Note (MPN) at under the Complete Aid Process section.

  • Loans will not disburse until the beginning of the appropriate hour in which you are enrolled. This is 6 hours for most Undergraduates and 5 hours for most Graduates.
  • All financial aid awards are based on full-time enrollment status. On the last day of Add/Drop, your award amount will be adjusted based on the current number of hours in which you are enrolled.

6. Stay Informed and Up-To-Date

Continue to monitor your Banner Self-Service Account and SUBR/SUS Student Email throughout the Semester.

Carefully read the terms and conditions of your financial aid:

Your financial aid awards are subject to terms and conditions that impact how much money you may receive.


SUBR Office of Student Financial Aid Communicates Electronically

Step 1: Be admitted to Southern University and A&M College (SUBR) (click here to apply now);

Step 2: Get a PIN from (click here to visit the PIN site now);

Step3: Complete the Free Applicaton for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) click here to apply now;

Step 4: Access Banner Self Service for Students (click here to access Banner Self Service now);

Step 5: Complete a Loan Counseling Session (click here to complete now);

Step 6: Sign a Master Promissory Note (click here to esign now);

Step 7: Register for classes;

Step 8: Sign up for direct deposit (optional);

Step 9: Check Banner Self Service for award and refund information;

Step 10: Pay remaining account balance not covered by financial aid;

Step 11: Keep your information updated in Banner Self Service.

Cost of Attendance Budgets (On-Campus)
STUDENT LIVES WITH PARENT Fulltime 3/4 Time Half Time Less than 1/2 Time
Academic Year Costs TOTAL 8 months 8 months 8 months 8 months
Tuition 4800 4800 3600 2400 1200
Fees 1446 1446 1446 1446 1446
Book Fee 649 649 649 649 649
Room and Board 8128 8128 8128 0
* Personal Expense 2552 2552 2552 0
* Transportation 3296 3296 3296 3296
Other 1 0 0 0 0 0
Other 2 0 0 0 0 0
TOTAL 20871 19671 18471 6591


STUDENT DOES NOT LIVE WITH PARENT Fulltime 3/4 Time Half Time Less than 1/2 Time
Academic Year Costs TOTAL 8 months 8 months 8 months 8 months
Tuition 4800 4800 3600 2400 1200
Fees 1446 1446 1446 1446 1446
Book Fee 649 649 649 649 649
Room and Board 8128 8128 8128 0
* Personal Expense 2552 2552 2552 0
* Transportation 3296 3296 3296 3296
Other 1 0 0 0 0 0
Other 2 0 0 0 0 0
TOTAL 20871 19671 18471 6591



Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees for both in-state and out-of-state students are the same.

On-Campus Tuition and Fees (per Semester)

Tuition: (12- 15 hours) – $2400.00 per semester (flat rate)
Tuition: (1-11 hours) – $ 200.00 per credit hour
Tuition: (Above 15 credit hours) – $ 200.00 each additional credit hour above 15
Institutional Fees (total) – $ 723.00

  • Student Services Fee – $ 50.00
  • Technology Fee – $ 423.00
  • Activity Fee – $ 50.00
  • Library Fee – $ 100.00
  • Science Lab Fee – $ 50.00
  • Records Fee – $ 25.00
  • Student ID – $ 15.00
  • Vehicle Decal Fee – $ 10.00

Book Fee – $ 324.50
Total Tuition, Fees & Books (Fulltime: 12-15 credit hours) – $3447.

Grants are awarded to students with significant financial need in combination with work and loans as part of an aid package. Normally, financial need is determined from information provided on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA.

Federal Pell Grant
  • Annual award of $692 to $6,895 per year
  • Open to US Citizens or eligible non-citizens
  • Aim to complete your FAFSA beginning October 1st
  • File FAFSA online by June 30 each year.
  • Available to Undergraduate students who demonstrate financial need based on the Federal Methodology Formula.

NOTE: Effective 2012-2013, no student will be eligible to receive more than 12 semesters or its equivalency of Federal Pell Grant. The Pell Lifetime Eligibility Usage for qualifying, undergraduate students is 600%.

NOTE: Effective 2017-2018, eligible students are able to receive up to 150% of the Federal Pell Grant Scheduled Award for an award year. To be eligible for the additional Pell Grant funds, the student must be otherwise eligible to receive Pell Grant funds for the payment period and must be enrolled at least half-time, in accordance with 34 CFR 668.2(b), in the payment period(s) for which the student receives the additional Pell Grant funds in excess of 100 percent of the student’s Pell Grant Scheduled Award.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

Each participating school receives a certain amount of FSEOG funds each year from the U.S. Department of Education’s office of Federal Student Aid. Once the full amount of the school’s FSEOG funds has been awarded to students, no more FSEOG awards can be made for that year. This system works differently from the Federal Pell Grant Program, which provides funds to every eligible student.

Annual award of $200-$4,000

  • Open to U.S. Citizens or eligible non-citizens with exceptional financial need.
  • Basis for award: need as defined in federal formula.
  • Primary consideration will be given to Pell Grant Recipients

Federal Work Study Program

The Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program provides part-time, on campus and off campus (community-based) employment, to students with financial need. FWS employment may be awarded to undergraduate students during periods of enrollment.

This award, usually made to students in combination with other forms of financial aid, enables them to meet their educational expenses without incurring burdensome indebtedness. The program is also intended to broaden the range of job opportunities for qualified students.

Federal Work-Study positions are available for on and off campus employment, as well as community service positions.

FWS awards are as scheduled:

Up to $4,000 annually for students

$1,600 for Summer semester only awards (for both on-campus and off-campus employment)

FWS Application Process

Step 1. Apply for Financial Aid

Step 2. In Section Step One (Student), indicate “yes” to Question 31, if interested in Federal Work-Study. FWS funds are awarded on a first-come, first serve basis to students who are eligible for Title IV funds.

Step 3. Once awarded students must report to the Office of Student Financial Aid to complete a Work-Study Packet.

Note: If students are interested in the Federal Work Study Program, but have not been awarded, should visit the Office of Student Financial Aid during registration to speak with the Coordinator and obtain a work-study packet.

FWS Placement

Step 1. Students must meet with the HR and students may not work until the HR Coordinator has approved and signed off on the student’s work study.

Step 2. All participants must provide two forms of documents which establish identity and employment eligibility. These forms include, a valid state identification card or driver’s license, social security, birth certificate, or military identification.

Step 3. Federal Work-Study earnings are taxable income, therefore, students must complete the I-9, L-4, and W-4 forms, provided by the HR Coordinator.

FWS Assignments

FWS assignments are intended to compliment and reinforce educational programs to the maximum extent possible. Students are encouraged to maintain employment positions which can broaden the range of job opportunities.

FWS Payroll

Each FWS student must submit their timesheets and have their supervisor approve their time by 5:00 pm at the end of each working day of the month.

This process must be completed efficiently and on-time to ensure payment according to the pay schedule. FWS students working on campus earn $10.00 per hour. FWS students working Off-campus (Community Service Programs) earn $12.00 per hour.

The Office of Student Financial Aid serves as a resource for prospective and current students seeking scholarship funding. The primary task of the scholarship office is to serves as a clearinghouse for scholarships awarded by various academic departments and third party outside agencies.

The Office of Student Financial Aid is dedicated to helping students Explore all scholarship opportunities available. We want students to discover outside opportunities to assist their educational goals and objectives. Through hard work, determination, and our assistance they will become the next great leader who will empower someone else to reach their education endeavors. We take great pride in our ability to attract and recognize students with a passion for excellence, superior motivation and intellectual curiosity.

Mailing Address:

Shorter College, Office of Student Financial Aid

Attn: Audra Hinton-Director of Enrollment Management

604 North Locust Street, North Little Rock, Arkansas 72114

Office: (501) 374-6305 ext 302

Fax: (501) 374-9333

Contact Information

Main Number: 501-374-6305


Office Location: F.C. James Bldg.

Mailing Address: 604 North Locust Street, North Little Rock, AR 72114

Office Fax: 501-374-9333

Service Desk & Counseling Hours

Monday to Friday – 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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