Membership Dues

Membership in this Association shall be opened to any person who support the aims and goals of the Association and fulfills their financial obligations.

​MEMBERSHIP LEVELS (Active, Associate and Honorary) Regular Membership Dues:

Active Members
Consist of all graduates and former students of Shorter College who attended at least one (1) semester and who have paid the current dues prescribed by the Association. Regular membership dues are $120.00 per calendar year and should be paid in full by July of the current calendar year.

Associate Members
Shall be opened to all interested persons who have paid the dues prescribed by The Association. Associate members shall be entitled to all privileges of the Association except of voting and holding office. Associate members dues are $60.00 per year and should be paid by July of the current calendar year.

Honorary Members
Are those that are supporters and friends who make contributions/donations to the Association.

To mail your membership, contributions or donations, make check   or Money Order payable to: 
Shorter College Alumni Association
P. O. Box 3664
Little Rock, AR 72203