Library Services

Library Mission Statement

The mission of Shorter College is to provide accessible, affordable, high quality education for students to accomplish their academic or career goals by offering programs that meet the learner’s need in a challenging and nurturing Christian environment. To help accomplish this mission, the A. W. Young Library must provide a source of quality materials and information in a setting that will encourage students to search for academic, Christian, and personal truth, to become lifelong learners and to become leaders and builders in their communities.

Library Vision

The vision of the A. W. Young Library is to provide library services to both students and faculty that will enable them to study effectively and to have current and accurate materials available to support both their curriculum and personal needs for information in their search for academic excellence. This will be done through an up to date print collection planned around the course work offered by the college, the addition of computer databases and internet access, provision of reference help and trained library personnel able to aid students and faculty in learning to use the library efficiently. As the school grows, the library also will grow working as a partner to the affiliated programs of the school and local community such as the child-care center and GED programs.

Library Staff and Hours

Monday-Friday 8:00AM-6:00PM
Library Director, Ms. Jennifer Ravnell
Phone Number: 501-374-6305 x203

Online Databases

Library World

Arkansas State Library

The Arkansas State Library serves as a resource for state government, for public libraries and for all Arkansas citizens. We offer a wide range of services with an overall mission to provide all Arkansans with access to information. You can search individual databases using Database by Title, Databases by Subject or Student Resources. Traveler Portal Remote Access log-in: city, zip code and AR.