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Performance Evaluations
Purpose of Evaluations

Shorter College is committed to the effective and efficient pursuit of quality service through staff and faculty development and evaluation. The College needs employees who will aim to provide high-quality teaching, provide high-quality education through programs and support services and provide exemplary service to students and the community.  Thus, the College has established a formal evaluation system in determining the quantity, quality, and manner of performance.

The purpose of the formal performance evaluation is to:

  1. Ensure communication between the supervisor and employee. The formal process forces contact between the supervisor and the employee and allows each to report his or her impressions and observations.
  2. Review and determine how well an employee is performing in terms of the assigned tasks. Every job should be analyzed and assessed based on the job criteria.


Process for Conducting Performance Review

  1. All evaluation forms will be provided to Human Resources from the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment.
  2. All evaluation forms should be provided to the manager/supervisor 30-60 days prior to the completion of all performance evaluations (June 1st) from Human Resources.
  3. These evaluations are to be shared with all employees prior to conducting the performance evaluation.
  4. All evaluations should be evaluated against the job description.  (Please see the Faculty and Staff Handbook).
  5. Upon completion of the performance evaluation, all evaluators must return completed evaluations to the Human Resources/Personnel Office and provide a copy of the completed evaluation to the employee evaluated.


Performance Evaluation Forms

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