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How To Apply

Shorter College’s open enrollment policy makes obtaining an associate’s degree possible for any person having earned a high school diploma or GED certificate from an accredited agency. Small, intimate classroom settings and an outstanding faculty create an enjoyable and supportive atmosphere for learning that empowers students to excel toward the pursuit of academic excellence.

The ​Shorter College admissions process is designed to assist potential students with making a smooth transition into the collegiate environment. New students are engaged during New Student Orientation where they’re provided tools and information to help them to be successful in the academic environment.

​The COMPASS Test is used to assess the aptitude of prospective students in the areas of reading, writing and math. Other standardized test scores such as ACT or SAT can be used as substitution for COMPASS.

​If you’re ready to begin the exciting journey toward higher education, this is your opportunity! Welcome to Shorter College…YOU FIT HERE!

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Admissions Requirements:

Documents to Submit

  • A completed application for admission submitted by the deadline date;
  • ​An official high school transcript sent to Shorter College from the high school including the applicant’s date of graduation;
  • ​A high school diploma or a certificate of high school equivalency (GED);
  • ​Copy of your test score on ACT, SAT, ASSET, or COMPASS Test;
  • Referral Notices from any governmental agency such as DHS, Ark-Rehab, etc. (if applicable);
  • Immunization record (if born after 12/31/1956)
  • Valid Photo ID;
  • Valid Social Security Card (for US Citizens);
  • Placement Test Scores

​​Completed admissions documents can be forwarded to:

​Office of Admissions
​FC James Building (Suite 100)
​604 Locust Street
​North Little Rock, AR 72114
​Office: (501) 374-6305 x-504

​Special Admissions

Early Entry Dual Enrollment
​A high school senior who needs less than a full course load to complete graduation requirements may take one or more courses while he or she is completing high school requirements. The combined load, however, cannot exceed the equivalent of fifteen semester hours. For example, a student needing only one course to complete high school requirements is eligible to enroll in college. To be eligible for the program, a student must have a letter of recommendation from his/her high school counselor or principal. Early entry students are classified as special students until they have completed high school. Students enrolled in this program are not eligible for financial aid under Title IV.

​Admission of Transfer Students
​Students transferring to Shorter College from other institutions must comply with all regulations governing admission and registration.

​Transfer credits from accredited institutions will be accepted by Shorter as long as the courses represented by those credits relate to Shorter’s curriculum. Only those courses in which transferring students have earned the grade of “C” or above will be accepted. The transferable credits of any student from another institution will not exceed forty-five hours. The residence policy governing students who transfer into a program at the institution states that those students must take their last fifteen (15) hours of (16) hours at Shorter College.

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