Faculty and Staff

Department of General Studies
Dr. Demetrius Gilbert
Associate Dean of Academic & Student Affairs
Program Chair for General Studies & Director of Faculty Development
email: Demetrius.Gilbert@shortercollege.edu

Department of Entrepreneurial Studies
Michal Harris
Faculty & Program Chair for Entrepreneurial Studies
email: Michal.Harris@shortercollege.edu

Department of Criminal Justice
Ashley Lambert
Faculty & Program Chair for Criminal Justice
email: Ashley.Lambert@shortercollege.edu 

Department of Childhood Development
Faculty & Program Chair for Childhood Development

Department of Christian Leadership
Rev. Reginald Henderson
Faculty & Program Chair for Christian Leadership
email: Reginald.Henderson@shortercollege.edu

Department of Computer Science
Dr. Michael Blanchett      
Faculty & Program Chair for Computer Science                                                                     
email: Michael.Blanchett@shortercollege.edu       

Full-time faculty

Kimberly Lockhart – Faculty & Director of the Literacy Lab
email: Kimberly.Lockhart@shortercollege.edu

Sylvester Egwim – Faculty & Director of Math Lab
email: Sylvester.Egwim@shortercollege.edu

Tabatha Scott – Faculty
email: Tabatha.Scott@shortercollege.edu

Shayla Williams – Faculty
email: Shayla.Williams@shortercollege.edu

Bill Kettey – Faculty
email: Bill.Ketty@shortercollege.edu

Falana Jackson – Faculty      
email: Falana.Jackson@shortercollege,edu                                                                                  

Marilyn Bush – Faculty                                                     
email: Marilyn.Bush@sortercollege.edu

Karliss Chapple – Faculty
email: Karliss.Chapple@sortercollege.edu