Chapel & Spiritual Growth and Development

We are devoted to the spiritual needs of students, faculty, staff and alumni through our chapel services and college Chaplin. Our chapels services are developed on the 4 Cs of the institution. Students are required to attend chapel assembly each Wednesday from 11am-12pm. Attendance will be recorded.

With regards to student attendance, any student who is unable to attend a Chapel Assembly will be required to view a recording of the Chapel Assembly in CAMS. The student will then be required to respond to questions regarding that Chapel Assembly. Responses to the questions must be must be submitted through CAMS in order to be considered. The recording of the assembly will remain in CAMS for six (6) days. If responses are not recorded in CAMS by the stated due date, the student will be considered absent.

Chapel Assembly is a Pass/Fail course, and a “Pass” in Chapel Assembly for four (4) semesters is required for graduation. Student must attend at least 70% of all chapel sessions. Attendance from any other events will not be accepted in lieu of viewing Shorter College Chapel Assembly.