Board of Trustees

Since it was founded in 1886, Shorter College has been instrumental in providing strong academic training, as well as character development for countless young men and women throughout the United States. Shorter College’s unapologetic Christian values have been the essential traits that make Shorter a unique and valued institution for many years.

I, and the members of the Board of Trustees are excited about the direction and future of Shorter. It is our intent to make sure that each student attending Shorter is provided the best environment available to succeed in their quest for academic development. Your success is our success, and we are interested in being a part of your success today.

​​Bishop Michael Mitchell
Chair of the Board of Trustees of Shorter College

Arkansas Annual Conference
Reverend Tyrone A. Broomfield,
Reverend Michael Washington
Reverend Lanell Ross
Reverend Bill Bowers
Mr. Harold Martin
Mrs. Laverne Nelson

​East Arkansas Annual Conference
Reverend James Giles
Reverend James Hooper
Reverend Lanell Ross
Mrs. Martha Fisher Simpson
Mrs. Elmarie Jones
Dr. Levenis Penix
West Arkansas Annual Conference
Reverend Tom W. Scott
Dr. Anna Burnett Graham
Dr. Carolyn Jones
Reverend Clarence Guy

​Oklahoma State Annual Conference
Reverend Marcellus Fields
Reverend Ruth Holmes
Mr. Leroy Glenn
Mrs. Saundra L. Lucas
Rev. Harvey G. Potts, Sr.

Dr. Lonnie Johnson – At Large​